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Hello there!

My name is Ennya, I’m a filmmaker, videographer video designer and all-round creative. Since 2011 I have been creating dance films which most of the time I direct, film and edit myself.

The fascination with combining dance and film started in my younger years. Living in a small village quite far away from a city, we didn’t go
to the theatre much. So that’s why performances and registrations on film where the ones that inspired me the most. Because of a registration of the Nutcracker I wanted to become a prima ballerina, of course that dream didn’t work out and I found a new way of expressing myself in my art through combining dance and film.

Since my study audiovisual design at the art aca demy St. Joost I have created several dance films; from fiction to documentary portraits and some experimental films as well. I have been working as a videographer and content creator at Nederlands Dans Theater for 5 years now, and during the covid-shutdown I had the pleasure of directing livestreams for them.

Currently I am freelancing as a videographer and a video designer. I am always looking for new adventures where the interdisciplinair artforms can connect. 

Let’s be curiously creative together! 



Nederlands Dans Theater
Wubkje Kuindersma
Sol León 
Crystal Pite & Simon McBurney
Marco Goecke
Antonin Rioche 

Awards & Nominations

– Tent Academy Awards Finalist 
Nederlands Film Festival Wildcard Winner


Volkskrant – Interview about live-streaming dance

NRC – ***** Review of the dance film “Standby”